Valentines Art Hike

Book Your Valentine's Day Lovers That Stay Together Art Hike Now! sedona art sedona hiking
Book Your Valentine’s Day Lovers That Stay Together Art Hike Now!

Is it true that lovers that paint together stay together? You betcha bottom dolla! Introducing the Lovers Paint Together Art Hike aka Valentines Art Hike.

Paint Together and Love Each Other More

Turn up the love, appreciation, and admiration as you hike out onto the splendid red rocks. Here you will paint a painting together. Whether you choose to each paint your own painting or do a collaborative painting, the love will deepen during the experience.

Doing creative activities together naturally softens the heart. Creativity can put you into a vulnerable state. Experiencing this vulnerable state together helps you to see into the other person something that you had never seen before. You will see something so very precious inside them.

Who doesn’t agree that being out in nature opens upĀ a feeling of well being. Being out in nature with a loved one is a special experience. It becomes a shared experience where love blossoms.

Surprise Gift

There will be an added gift to this art hike that other art hikes will not receive. I’m in the mood for love, too. šŸ˜‰ Sharing is caring. Maybe it will be a box of organic, vegan chocolates. Or it couldĀ be rose for each of you. Or perhapsĀ it will be a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Who knows? I’ll surprise you.

Book Now

Book your art hike now. You can book it from anytime now to the day of Valentine’s Day, February 14. I will select the best trail given the length of time of your art hike.


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