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The Lindens indoor art hike
Beat the Heat With an Indoor Art Hike

What? How can you do an indoor art hike? Well… you can’t really, but you can paint indoors in the comfort of my air conditioned studio in Camp Verde, Arizona. A family of three recently gave me this idea. They … Read More


Creativity Workshops Fluid Expressions for Empowerment  With Zani and Mary Rae $125.00 At this three-hour workshop we will take you to a magical spot in Sedona, Arizona, where you will be surrounded by it’s beautiful landscape. We will guide you … Read More

2-hour art hike - Cynthia from Ohio, high school teacher, painting hikes, art hikes, sedona, arizona, spiritual retreat, art retreat, hiking tour with art
2-Hour Art Hike with Cynthia – Book Yours Now

Cynthia totally kicked it during her 2-hour art hike yesterday. Check out her painting of Bell Rock in the photo to the left. This is one of the favorite locations for the 2-hour art hike, a wilderness location at Bell Rock. After … Read More

Andy and Molly couples hike art instruction sedona art hikes plein air painting
A Couples Art Hike With Art Instruction

Molly and Andy came out for a couples art hike while the kids were in school. They are residents of the Sedona area. What a treat to witness the fun and affection of this lovely couple. Mary Rae Rush guided … Read More

Art Hike – A Peek at Turkey Creek

Watch the video below for a glimpse of our approved, permitted art hike to Turkey Creek Trail in Sedona, Arizona. This art hike is very easy. The art hike begins at the trailhead, which you see to the left. It’s about a 15 … Read More

Our latest five star review comes from an art hiker who requested to paint Bell Rock. Here is her five star review in her own words.
A Five Star Review for Two-Hour Art Hike

Five Star Review Our latest five star review comes from an art hiker who requested to paint Bell Rock. Here is her five star review in her own words. “Mary took me on the 2-hour hike, off the beaten path. … Read More

Spectacular view from the Bell Rock Art Hike
To Paint the Land is to Save the Land

To Paint the Land is to Save the Land. To stand on the land, our glorious, magnificent natural wondrous land in appreciation, is to save the land in that moment in time. As artists who paint it, we do what … Read More

lovers art hike valentines day paint in sedona hiking in sedona
Valentines Art Hike

Is it true that lovers that paint together stay together? You betcha bottom dolla! Introducing the Lovers Paint Together Art Hike aka Valentines Art Hike. Paint Together and Love Each Other More Turn up the love, appreciation, and admiration as … Read More

Sedona Art Hikes Car Magnet Mary Gravelle Mary Rae Rush en plein air hiking
Car Magnet for Sedona Art Hikes

After February 26, 2017, you will see the Sedona Art Hikes car driving around with our new car magnet! This is totally exciting news! This will be our driving advertisement. On it will be our website, phone number, and other information … Read More