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Are you looking for added exposure for your business? Get your business name and logo in front of my art hikers and website visitors. Become a Patron, Sponsor, or Advertiser. See the details below.

Help support this local, woman-owned, and artist-operated business. I would very much appreciate help with start up costs and expenses for Sedona Art Hikes. This will help me get this business off the ground and out into the field where I can help painters of all skill levels express the beauty and wonder that this sacred land offers. Sedona Art Hikes offers a unique experience for the artist within to paint their unique expression of their experience in the most beautiful place on earth, Sedona. They will truly be painting in paradise!

Thank you! Braylee Rush – Contact me.Patrons, Sponsorship, and Advertising Information and Rates for Sedona Art Hikes

DOWNLOAD the printable PDF

DOWNLOAD the printable PDF

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