2-Hour Art Hike at Our Wilderness Location – Book Yours Now

Sedona Art Hikes client, Cynthia, went on our 2-hour art hike and totally kicked it! Check out her painting below of Bell Rock. We took her to one of the favorite locations for the 2-hour art hike. It's a wilderness location at Bell Rock.

Cynthia, who came from Ohio, shows off her completed painting of Bell Rock.

One of our favorite 2-hour art hike hiking locations is a wilderness area at Bell Rock.

Cynthia, pictured to the left, totally kicked it during her 2-hour art hike. Check out her painting of Bell Rock in the photo to the left.

After hiking an easy 1/2 hour into the location, we come upon a place of solitude, silence, and total peace. It is a place where distractions abate as you focus on painting. Nature surrounds you in a womb of protection.

Cynthia came to Sedona for a spiritual retreat. Art is part of her spiritual practice. As you can tell from the photos, she was a happy camper.

Thank you, Cynthia, for choosing Sedona Art Hikes to be part of your spiritual journey while here in Sedona.




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Cynthia getting Bell Rock in paint.


Stephanie Tindale of Michigan painting at Bell Rock art hike 5 five review

Stephanie of Michigan painting at Bell Rock